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The Great Scott Podcast is not new, but it is invaluable. We talk with your favorite celebrities about things like success and what motivations they would give someone if they were in their shoes.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Gavin MacLeod

    Legandary actor joined us on The Great Scott Podcast. Gavin is best remembered as Captatin Stubbing on Love Boat and as Murray or Mary Tyler Moore. We talked about his career, faith, and life.  ...


  2. Pat Finn

    Pat Finn is a tv game show host, weatherman, and recently just did Hollywood Museum Squares. We talk about his journey from TV weatherman to game shows and what he is up to now.  ...


  3. Steven Leblang

    Steven Leblang is a former Sony media executive. He talks about his observations and also talks about his time in the industry ...


  4. Don McLean

    Legandary music artist Don Mclean is up on the Great Scott Podcast next. Don is known for his hit song Bye Bye Miss American Pie. ...


  5. Freddy bunkers